About the 357th

The History Channel’s TV series “Dogfights” premiered in late 2006 and depicted historical re-enactments of air-to-air combat that took place in the wars of the 20th century. As an offshoot, Kuma Games has produced a series of online games called “Dogfights: The Game” inspired by episodes of the “Dogfights” series.

Those are the games the 357th Fighter Group plays. The 357th is called a squadron in game terms where a group of pilots are organized into a gaming unit. We play for the fun of it — laughing, joking amongst ourselves and other players during games – but we also play to win: Get the most kills while sustaining the fewest deaths.

Furthermore, we are inspired by the real pilots who flew in the real 357th Fighter Group during World War II, flying escort to B-17 heavies on their date with ball bearing factories, tank factories and oil refineries deep inside Germany. Without their actions and bravery, there would be no “Dogfights” TV series and there would be no Dogfights: The Game.

Squadron Members:

For details on 357th squadron members, see our roster page.

A screenshot from the game:



  1. These B-17’s got teeth….knife fighting range!

  2. YAY! The 357th Fighter Group on Dogfights DOES have a web site…FINALLY!

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