The Real 357th FG

There have been many books written about the real 357th Fighter Group – the Yoxford Boys – misnamed by German propagandists mistakenly broadcasting that the group’s airfield was in Yoxford, England, when in fact it was in Leiston, several miles away.   The name stuck.

Stories range far and wide of the flying antics of Bud “E.” Anderson flying “Old Crow”, Chuck Yeager of test pilot fame flying “Glamorous Glen” (named after his wife), Kit Carson (the highest number of kills in the FG during the war), and a slew of others  who fought bravely and some who died suddenly.

Model of Berlin ExpressThe real 357th’s markings were yellow and red checkerboard like in the background – on the nose and spinner housing.  The group was divided into three squadrons: the 362nd, 363rd and 364th.


They held the distinction of being the first fighter group to fly the P-51D Mustang fighter.  Their missions involved daylight bombing runs escorting “boxes” of B-17 Flying Fortresses to their targets deep into Germany, including Berlin.  Their success in the skies turned the tide of the war and, over time, brought  the German war machine to its knees.

In tribute to the real 357th FG, we have written a poem to the fliers of old who inspire us to play hard but fair.  Go here to read it.


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